Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Every day, there is another story about another company having their banking accounts drained, someone having their identity stolen, or critical infrastructure being taken offline by hostile entities. The reasons for the attacks have not only been economic, but also political and social, and cybercriminals have widened their activity range to new sectors like the energy, public, Internet and telecommunications sectors. The attacks have increased in number and are becoming more and more sophisticated and automatic, affecting new devices and technologies like tablets, smartphones, and even some environments, such as industry, which were previously not exposed to risk.

In view of these changes shown by the international situation, Clou Vahan is aware of the need to respond to this new scenario in which the use of technology oriented at prevention and analysis, and the continuous awareness of threats and changes in Internet and social networks are essential to protect organizations.

With a well-designed Cybersecurity solution, your business gets:

  • Defense against today's online threats, with data security management that covers viruses and hackers.
  • Vulnerability assessments for businesses like yours, ensuring your network security solution fits your unique needs.
  • More confidence, knowing your company is protected from all that's out there.
  • With comprehensive plans for data and network protection, reliable security is finally within your reach.
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